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What is ARNA Genomics? What is ARNA Panacea?

ARNA Genomics — An innovative biotechnological company, launched on the basis of the scientific research of a team like-minded people who engage actively in the development and research of early detection methods of oncological diseases, aiming to launch diagnostic tests for early cancer detection on the global market. ARNA Genomics has set out on a mission to increase life expectancy and significantly reduce human mortality by means of global market launch of most recent and unique in efficiency methods of screening (screening study with the purpose of detection and prevention of diseases development in population), diagnostics (correct diagnosing) and monitoring of treatment process of oncological diseases.

ARNA Panacea — It is a revolutionary Blockchain-ecosystem for medical studies and scientific research. ARNA Genomics will test the corresponding Data Storage System to collect evidential base to be used by the regulator for further product licensing opportunities (Breast cancer detection ARNA BC) for the US mass market.

When does the main Token Distribution Event start? How long it will be?

RNA Genomics Token Distribution Event begins on December 15, 2017 at 12:00 UTC and will continue till February 10, 2018 at 12:00 UTC

What is the Hard Cap? What is the cost of one token?

Hard Cap equal is 130000 ETH

500 million tokens ARNA will be sold at a fix price 0.003333 ETH for one token. The total amount of ARNA tokens is 1 billion.

When does the pre-sale start? How can I participate in it?

The pre-sale kicks off on 21 September, 2017 and will continue for 14 days. During the pre-sale, pre-sale tokens will be released which will be converted to the main ARNA tokens after the end of TDE.
The minimum buy during the pre-sale will be 0.1 ETH, the maximum 1000 ETH.

The Pre-Sale Tier-2 kicks off on 10 October, 2017 and will end on 12 November, 2017.

The minimum buy during the Pre-Sale Tier-2 will be 0.3 ETH, the maximum 1000 ETH.

You can find detailed conditions of the Pre-Sale Tier-2 by this link
If you want to participate in the pre-sale of ARNA tokens submit your application in Crowdsale Waitlist form.

What about discounts?

For pre-sale participants 10% discount is available. It means that during the ARNA token distribution at the end of the TDE, ARNA tokens will be distributed with 1.1 coefficients.

Every participant of the Pre-Sale Tier-2 will be offered with up to 50% bonus.

Which type of tokens will be used? How can I buy tokens?

Only ERC20 tokens will be used during the pre-sale and main TDE. You can participate in pre-sale and TDE by making use of only ETH (Ether).

What is the difference between ARNA Genomics and ARNA Panacea?

ARNA Panacea is a Blockchain-ecosystem for storing medical and laboratory researches data and also providing access to all parties concerned.

ARNA Genomics is a research laboratory in the oncology area.

What is token’s purpose?

ARNA tokens will be used for:

  • access to Blockchain-ecosystem of ARNA Panacea data storing
  • stimulation of ecosystem’s growth and stability
  • attraction of demand on medical data market
  • reward for addition of researches

What about legal status of ARNA tokens?

ARNA genomics emits Utility Tokens, which are not securities.

In its activity, the ARNA Genomics’ team will make all possible efforts to implement the norms of legislators and regulators and interact with them effectively.