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Be part of a company with a multi-billion dollar potential

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Token Sale will Start at 12:00pm UTC on Dec 15th

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What is the token functionality

B2 Dir

JANET WOODCOCK – (Director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research at the Food and Drug Administration)

“I personally believe, like many other people, that the clinical trial system we have right now is broken. It isn’t working to meet the objectives that we need it for”

  • 10 tokens from the main sale event (0.000266 ETH — for 1 token, and 0.00266 ETH — for 10 tokens) can be used to purchase 1 ARNA BC test. Anticipated average market price of one ARNA BC test is 0.33333 ETH.
  • Holders of large amounts of tokens will be eligible to participate in ARNA VIP Reward Program, offering unprecedented opportunity.
  • ARNA tokens will be used on ARNA Panacea platform as cryptocurrency for payments between platform participants.
  • Researchers will be able to conduct “crowdfunding” events on their breakthrough inventions in biotech.
  • …and other use – read more in our White paper.


One Pager

ARNA market overview



Market Overview

Market Overview

What is the ARNA

ARNA Advisor Dmitry Kulish tells about ARNA project and blockchain. Full Interview

ARNA Genomics Intro

Introducing ARNA Panacea

ARNA Panacea is a Biotech Decentralized Solution, Powered by Blockchain & ARNA Tokens

ARNA Panacea by design is a platform which allows not only processing of clinical trials data but also support for researchers during R&D phase and marketplace for all types of market participants involved in clinical trials as well as direct sales of final biotech products to customers (patients).

May 2018
True: 97 False: 4

Your Chance to enter in Biotech Market

ARNA Genomics is the innovative biotechnological company engaged in R&D and launching on market methods of oncological diseases early detection using blockchain-ecosystem ARNA Panacea


ARNA BC is the first test developed product for early detection of breast cancer with a high-precision.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the way disruptive biotech technologies aimed to fight cancer are launched to the mass-market with the use of Blockchain technologies

Our Market is Huge

Women annually globally
Thousands of biotech Researchers
ARNA BC Tests only in US & Russia
M&A deals on medical market during each of the last 3 years

ARNA Panacea Blockchain Ecosystem

community roles

  • 01 Registrators
  • 02 Researchers
  • 03 Insurance companies
  • 04 Pharmaceutical companies
  • 05 Contract research organizations (CRO)
  • 06 Sponsors / Investors
  • 07 National Ethical Committees
  • 08 MDs
  • 09 Clinics
  • 10 Experts
  • 11 Regulators
  • 12 Big Data
  • 13 Patients
  • 14 Statistics

ARNA Panacea use cases

Proof Of Research

Proof of research

The Data stored in the public blockchain ARNA Panacea will be the basis of the evidence base.

Protected Research

Protected research

The ability to “scientific research” in a secure format using encrypted key in blockchain ecosystem

Big Data

Big Data

Global access to the accumulated array of information through an open API interface with the functionality required to analyze the available data.



A single blockchain platform for collecting, storing and analyzing information methods of diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Smart Blockchain

Smart Blockchain

The possibility of connecting an AI to search for “patterns” for developing new methods of cancer treatment

ARNA Tokens

ARNA Tokens

Usage through interaction within the ecosystem of patients, researchers, Regulator, CRO, pharmaceutical companies, clinics


Token details:

Role of token:

ARNA BC test purchase, ARNA Panacea data access, R&D rewarding

Token supply:

1 billion

Token Distribution Event:

500 million (50%)



Initial value:

1 ARNA token = 0.000266 ETH


Ethereum ERC20

Token Distribution Event details:

Sale period:

15 December - 10 February

Token distribution date:

10 February 2018

Accepted currencies:


Soft cap:

3 333 ETH

Maximum cap (approx.):

130 000 ETH

How funds are held:

Wallet held by team

Unsold tokens policy:


Minimum viable product:

ARNA Panacea

Tokens and Funds

ARNA at conferences



International blockchain forum



MGF Holiday Blockchain Edition CryptoBazar Exclusive


New York

Blockchain economic forum 2017


Hong Kong

The 30th Annual AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum


Los Angeles

World funding summit & capital expo


Santa Clara

Blockchain in the healthcare system


Egor Melnikov

Egor Melnikov

Founder, CEO

More than 10 years ago started the project with mission to save lives from cancer. Economist and manager by education, entrepreneur by experience and spirit. Made several successful startups as founder and co-founder in advertising and production business, international logistics, IT solutions for large-scale projects, was CEO of international telecom operator. ARNA – is the meaning of Egor’s life.

George Nikitin

George Nikitin

Co-founder and COO, blockchain platform ideologist

Master of physics (diploma with honors), have 14 articles and inventions. Successfully worked in large international companies (Delloite, etc.), as well as in private equity companies. He has extensive experience as executive manager in various major private and public companies in IT, telecom, oil&gas.

Anatoliy Melnikov

Anatoliy Melnikov

Co-founder and HEAD of R&D, creator of ARNA tests

Having more than 40 years of experience in molecular biology and genetics, he is the author and co-author of more than 50 scientific articles and number of patents. For 15 years he worked in the USA in oncological centers, before that – in Canada, Hungary in various scientific companies, and Russia – a branch of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Microorganisms of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He graduated from the biological faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Ilya Senechkin

Ilya Senechkin

PhD in Life Sciences, Embryology Director ("Center IVF" network of clinics, Russia)

Development Manager for Scientific and Educational Programs (F. Paulsen Assisted Reproductive Technologies Center, Russian Ministry of Health). Former: medical advisor (MC Femina, Vitrolife), clinical embryologist (MD Medical Group), Jr. scientist (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)

Sergey Chernyshev

Sergey Chernyshev

Deputy head of R&D, PhD

Branch of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry Acad. M.M. Shemyakin and A. Ovchinnikov Institute of Sciences, Pushchino. Specialization — molecular biology, biotechnology, genetic engineering. Area of scientific expertise: regulation of gene expression, transcription, translation, molecular mechanisms of bacterial phage lysis.

Magomed Chatuev

Magomed Chatuev

Software architect and developer

Software architect and developer. Has a big experience working with start-ups in the areas of e-commerce, PR & Marketing, finance, transportation, ERP development. Mainly focused on building SaaS, APIs & complex business processes automation. Had been working in international companies in Russia, Ireland, and Germany.

Alexander Mazaletskiy

Alexander Mazaletskiy

Software Architect

Founder, CEO and Principal engineer in blockchain integrator Dicoiner ( Founder and CEO in mobile development studio Zero Cool Team. 10 years experience in enterprise fintech software design and development. Last two yeast making research and implementation of blockchain systems. Graduate of IIDF-2015(Internet Initiatives Development Fund) in the team of Teslawatch startup.
15 scientific publications in the field of natural language processing

Sergey Dolgachev

Sergey Dolgachev

Co-founder, head of finance and risks management

Entrepreneur and co-owner of several companies in the oilfield service, medicine and biotech. He graduated from the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of the Moscow State University Lomonosov, EMBA Higher School of Economics, studied at the Skolkovo Management School, INSEAD and graduate school of MGIMO. He has extensive executive experience in oil&gas public and private companies.

Vladimir Savanovich

Vladimir Savanovich

Co-founder, Head of Investor Relations

has a master’s degree in physics. During his professional experience, he worked in various business areas, mainly focusing on the active development of the contractual base of enterprises. He has experience in working in a Western consulting company, a resort development company, a Swiss investment fund and a Russian exploration company.


Ron Ribitzky, MD

Ron Ribitzky, MD

Dr. Ribitzky brings to ARNA 30 years of cross-functional C-level experience in the converging Healthcare IT, Life-Sciences Informatics, and Precision Medicine. Prior to co-founding SPH Analytics, Dr. Ribitzky was Senior Healthcare Strategist at Intel, CIO at UMass Medical Center, VP Emerging Technologies at Eclipsys etc. He presented and led workshops on technology innovation and practice in industry events, public sector, and academia around the world. He held academic appointments at Harvard Medical School, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Emory School of Public Health, Weitzmann Institute of Science (Israel), Kigali Institute of Science & Technology, and Kigali Health Institute (Rwanda).

Linda S. Pellicore

Linda S. Pellicore

Linda S. Pellicore graduated from Thomas Jefferson Medical College of Graduate Studies, Philadelphia, PA, with Ph.D.s in both Pharmacology and Toxicology, in 1987. She has 28 years expertise in New Drug Applications, Biologics, 510Ks, Food Additives and Dietary Supplements with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, serving as the agency’s Senior Pharmacologist. She is a National Research Council Fellow, and is a member of numerous professional scientific societies.

Wesley Hymer, Ph.D

Wesley Hymer, Ph.D

Dr. Hymer is an Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry at Penn State and winner of Penn State’s Faculty Scholar Medal for Life and Medical Sciences. He has countless academic papers, grants and including several patents that were developed when he was Director of Penn State’s Center for Cell Research, and one patent related to medical devices enabling targeted chemotherapy for cancers treatments. He collaborated with NASA on biotechnology and biomedical experiments in microgravity and developed unique electrophoresis experiments executed on board the U.S. Space Shuttle and microsatellites.

Dmitry Kulish

Dmitry Kulish

Dmitry Kulish is an independent expert in the fields of strategic, organizational and technological development of pharmaceutical products. Dmitry holds a PhD in Biology, has been a postdoc at Harvard Medical School, earned MBA from the Wharton Business School, the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Moscow State Institute of Molecular Biology Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Ph.D DR. Soenke Bartling

Ph.D DR. Soenke Bartling

Ph.D DR. MED, Board certified Radiologist, blockchain for research & healthcare / Open Science. Sönke has a tremendous background in neuroradiology at Hannover Medical School, Institute for Radiology and Interventional Therapy and other sound scientific organizations. Apart from that Sönke is well-known due to his activity in Web 2.0 for science in 00x, following by working on Blockchain for Science and Open Science (awarded in 2015, Germany land of ideas) concepts. He is author of more than 20 scientific publications, number of reviews, books and 6 patents. Holds various awards and is a member of governmental groups on radiology and tomography.
Dmitry Grigoriev

Dmitry Grigoriev

Over 20 years of successful general management experience with a particular focus on business development and operational excellence. Сonstant over 5 years trend in business development and financial results improvement for large European integrated company with over 8 bln. USD in turnover and presence in over 15 countries. Has implemented several very successful business alliances strategies where the managed companies/clients have benefited from new distribution channels/partners reach.

Mikhail Groubman

Mikhail Groubman

Mikhail joined Atlant Clinical in 2012 as Chief Executive Officer and as a member of the Board of Directors. Prior to Atlant Clinical he worked at GlaxoSmithKline where he started as a clinical research assistant, later becoming a local study manager in the oncology group. He subsequently joined the Moscow Sales Department, where he rose to become Regional Market Access Director. Mikhail graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University with Master degrees in biochemistry and management.

Marina Sekacheva

Marina Sekacheva

is a Doctor of Medical Sciences, a laureate of the Russian Government Prize in Science, a holder of post-doctoral degree in medicine of the Technical University of Munich, the Director of the Center for Personalized Oncology Sechenov OncoTarget, established as part of the Institute of Personalized Medicine in 2017

Ilya N. Chistyakov

Ilya N. Chistyakov

MD., PhD, founder and CEO of the Preclinical Study Centre LLC, managing company of “Pharma Valley” biotechnological cluster – the only GLP OECD in Russia, an independent hybrid CRO specialized on conducting a full cycle of pharmacological development, manufacturing, preclinical and clinical studies of biotechnological, biosimilar and generic medicines.

Ed Kanalosh

Ed Kanalosh

has more than 20 years of experience in biotech investments and strategic consulting. Partner of venture fund “Maxwell Biotech” (Moscow), director of consulting company Candesic (London). Edward is an acting head of Investment Service of Skolkovo fund, vice-president of Investment Bank “Trust” and consultant of New Jersey office of McKinsey company. His career has started in Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Fund. MBA from Harvard Business School, MD with PhD.

Alex Kosik

Alex Kosik

Dr. Alex Kоsik is a successful serial technology entrepreneur. His focus is in Life Sciences, Medical Devices, FDA Compliance, Evidence-Based Medicine, Venture Capital and M&A. Alex is a recognized technology due diligence expert and senior analyst to several VC’s, angels, Gerson Lehrman Group and institutional investors. He co-founded multiple businesses himself, met Bill Gates, sold his “G1 Gravitonus workstations” to Forbes-100, and ranked 3rd by Becker’s Spine Review of “10 spine orthopedic surgeon tech entrepreneurs to know”

Sergey Borovskiy

Sergey Borovskiy

worked and lived in China since 1991. He has more than 20 years of experience in international management in China and Hong Kong. He held the positions of Chairman of the Board of Directors in various companies in China involved in international trade, investment and production. Since 2017, he was the General Manager of Sanju Environmental Protection (Hong Kong) Limited, coordinating the international projects of the controlling shareholder.